Who are we?
Hello, you are welcome to the Joint Venture Center of Japanese Design. We have been working on the Russian market more than 5 years. In this period we have achieved very much. We are always expanding the assortment of goods we import, as well as the list of services that we provide; we never mark time. Our company is developing very dynamically in spite of unfavorable circumstances of the worlds financial and bank systems crisis.
What do we supply?
The main business segment of our company is the delivery of food from Japan. There is a wise and age-old proverb that the Japanese often repeat when communicating with the representatives of Europe and America: The reason of your illness is on the bottom of your plate.  This is rather categoric, but this is really worth thinking of if you consider what the length of life in Japan is. We are not about to criticize the food of the other nations in the world, we shall focus on the good of the food from the Land of the Rising Sun.
New projects
We also develop new projects in the framework of our business. We plan to deliver food supplements to help excreting that prevent human organisms from breathing; food supplements that regenerate the tissues, rejuvenate the skin and inward parts of the body, improve the eyesight and immunity, stimulate the brain. We are also going to start delivering food supplements of Beauty & Diet series. These supplements make for removing excess fat from the body, normalizing the digestion, smoothing the skin, recovering the protein balance of those people who have suffered from severe burns. More information on these supplements will be provided on our web site pages.
What stage is this project at? At present the food supplements are tested and certificated at the Ministry of health of Russia in the most serious way. As you see it is a very difficult and enduring procedure to receive such a certificate for it is issued to the manufacturers of the high-quality medical products because the matter concerns the most important thing that people have Health.
Furthermore, we have already started delivering washing means and personal-care products. These are towelettes, soap, toilet paper, means for ware washing and damp cleaning. These products have already been tested and certificated; so they are ready for sales.
What information is there on the web site?
There is a detailed catalogue of the good we deliver which you can find on our web site. Please visit the page Catalogue and you will see the following:
1) Name of the product in Russian
2) Name of the product in English
3) Article
4) Bar code
5) Weight or volume
6) Price (depending on the terms of delivery)
You are always welcome to the other pages of our web site Service and Our partners. Visit them to find many interesting and useful things for yourselves and your business. Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact our managers. They will provide you with all the necessary information.
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Fedotov Vitaliy Valeryevitch 8 (495) 436 00 92
General Director: Abdulmadzhidova Panatseya Saidbegovna